C-Sema Profile

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C-Sema Profile

C-Sema is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect children’s rights in Tanzania. Our core strategic programme is the National Child Helpline. With the Internet Watch Foundation hotline we remove child abuse images through an online portal.

The National Child Helpline serves 3,597 contacts every day. We offer profession services in the areas of child protection, GBV, nutrition, mental health, justice, early childhood development and sexual reproductive health, 24 hours every day.

The helpline is a public service and therefore C-Sema runs it on behalf of the government through a formal agreement. This means that all calls received at the helpline for services must be referred to a government department nearest to the caller via formal referral process.

C-Sema connects children to public services available in their local localities.

In order to serve children young persons, their parents and communities across the country, C-Sema seeks to accomplish the following six strategic aims (SAs): -

Strategic Aim (SA)1: The National Child Helpline and child protection programming are effectively integrated and function within the national child protection for efficient prevention & response.

SA2: Parents and caregivers are creating and maintaining a nurturing environment for children’s realisation of their full potential.

SA3: Good maternal and child nutrition is understood and practiced at household, community and national levels.

SA4: Early childhood development services at community level are efficient and effective.

SA5: Adolescents have access to quality sexual and reproductive health education and services.

SA6: C-Sema is a performing, delivering and sustainable organisation.

It is the management's sincere hope that the following 5 years will be exciting and many children, young persons, parents and communities across Tanzania shall be reached:)