Helpline is visited by the Director of Children's Development Department

Last updated 2 years ago

Helpline is visited by the Director of Children's Development Department

On 7th May C-Sema was visited by the Director of Children's Development Department from the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC), Ms. Mwajuma Magwiza. We were thrilled to receive her at our offices and for her to physically see the work we do linking children, young persons and their families with public services, through our core strategic program, the National Child Helpline.

Ms. Magwiza was able to chat with our Chief Executive in his offices where she was briefed on the main areas that we provide professional services to children 24 hours a day through the toll-free service number 116. ‘Latest data from the helpline shows that we served 3,597 contacts every day in Mainland Tanzania.’ She was informed by the Chief Executive.

Ms. Magwiza later visited the Call Center, where the calls are responded to, real-time! She was curious to find out how the helpline operates and we are happy to confirm that her many questions received responses from both our counsellors and the helpline manager.

Just before she left, Mrs. Ms. Magwiza was surprised to meet our Communication Intern, Caroline Malewo. Our intern happened to be one of the young leaders in the Junior Council, a national-wide children advocacy movement that is led by children, between 2014 and 2017. During that time Ms. Magwiza was still working at the Kinondoni Municipal and mentored Caroline in her role as the Kinondoni Junior Council’s Representative.

‘Seeing Caroline at your office pursuing her passion for children’s rights made me feel proud of the impact that Junior Councils has on the future lives of its members. Junior Council not only give children leadership skills and a room to know and defend their rights, but also paves a way for them to reach their dreams.’ She said full of joy

I am excited to see C-Sema playing a greater part in nurturing the products of Junior Council.’ She added.

This story was written by C-Sema’s Media Team.