Helpline is visited by the Head of UNFPA

Last updated 2 years ago

Helpline is visited by the Head of UNFPA

On Monday 10th this week we received a visit from the UN’s Under-Secretary General and the Executive Director of UNFPA Dr. Natalia Kanem who was accompanied by Dr. Julitta Onabanjo, UNFPA Regional Director ESARO, Mama Jacqueline Mahon, UNFPA Tanzania Representative together with the UNFPA's staff in Tanzania at our offices in Dar es salaam. 

We were honored and excited to have them see the work we do with the National Child Helpline and the efforts we’ve invested in ensuring that women, children and young people are protected by accessing a lifeline for women and children at risk of violence and abuse.

Our guests were able to have a sit down with C-Sema’s Chief Executive, where they talked about the important services the organization provides through its core strategic program the ‘National Child Helpline’ supported by UNFPA in both mainland and Zanzibar.  

C-Sema’s Chief Executive reiterated that UNFPA is one of the organisation’s compassionate partner and has recently supported the team at the Helpline with COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure safety in their quest to serve the community during these difficult times.

During the visit they were also able to see the Helpline and our counselors in action. Dr Natalia was interested to know how the helpline operates and particularly what influences our counselors to volunteer at the helpline and what motivates them to keep working for the children and young people.

Ms Thelma Dhaje, the Helpline Manager answered this by saying, seeing a child smile because of the work we do is what inspires and motivates her the most. To know that the helpline plays a role in delivering justice to the children whose rights have been revoked by giving them a voice and an ear inspires her. One of our counsellors went on to say that it feels good to help a person, more so a child and when a case is closed, she feels fulfilled to have played a part in making that child’s life better.

Later on, we had a short meeting to wind up the visit. Dr. Natalia Kanem told us how exciting it was to see SDG goal number three and five come to life. She was impressed to see C-Sema being practical and innovative in the implementation of these goals.

“Every girl and boy should be valued and taught that the expression of their right and empowerment should not be centred on overpowering others." - Dr. Natalia Kanem 

Every girl and boy must have a sense of direction, should be valued and taught that their source of power should not be centered on overpowering others. She went on to say that the Volunteerism spirit she saw here at Sema goes hand in hand with the quality of work that we do.

We were thrilled to have received such praise and recognition from Dr. Kanem and we truly believe that together we can shape the future and the vision our country has in child protection and contribute to the global dialogue through our advocacy, the Helpline and the realization of the power that communities have in seeking out change.

Truth be told after the visit we had a renewed sense of strength and hope in a future where child protection is of the utmost importance.

This story was written by C-Sema’s Media Team.