We donated furniture to the police’s children desk

Last updated 2 years ago

We donated furniture to the police’s children desk

When Madam Inspector Iddah Ringo asked us for furniture for her newly built children desk’s office, we could not refuse her request. She is in fact, through her work with the Tanzania Police Force (TPF), our key implementing partner and our success in responding to cases of child trafficking in Singida region depends on our joint efforts.

You see, we managed to donate 3 office chairs and one office desk enough to allow Madam Ringo and her team to work not only on trafficking cases, but also follow-up on other Violence Against Children (VAC) cases in her area of jurisdiction.

Just for your information, without a proper working environment and without an office – Madam Ringo and her team still managed to rescue 22 girls and one who were on trafficking routes. We believe that working in an office and with ability to sit down and document cases, more children will be served.

This story was written by Singida Field Team and compiled by C-Sema’s Media Team.