Children are not sources of income.

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Children are not sources of income.

A concerned neighbor called the helpline worried about a 12-year-old girl in her neighborhood whose mother had accepted the bride price for her to be married to a much older man. The girl was in form three in one of the schools in the village.

On that same day, one of our Counsellors referred the case to the District Social Work Officer, who accepted to work on the case. The DSWO followed up on different sources and confirmed that the child was going to be married off and the case was reported to the district police station and the mother was arrested. The marriage was cancelled while the investigation continued.

The police gender department and the DSWO worked together in solving the case. They explained to the mother the effects of child marriage and it's legal ramifications. A while later the neighbor called the helpline to confirm that the young girl had returned to school and was continuing with her studies. The neighbor was very appreciative to the counselor who worked on the case.