Nurturing Partnerships!

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Nurturing Partnerships!

Having a cadre of well-informed professional counselors adequately operating the Helpline 24 hours a day is one of C-Sema’s top priorities. Back in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest global crises in generations that brought on severe and far-reaching repercussions for health systems, economies, and societies, our team of counselors was overwhelmed by the calls that were coming in prompted by the fear and uncertainty of that time

The outbreak affected all segments of the population and was detrimental to the vulnerable members of society, a key population being children and families. It also sparked and amplified much more serious mental health problems. A great number of people reached out to the Helpline reporting psychological distress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, while some just called to attain proper information concerning the pandemic.

Because of this, we partnered with BRAC Maendeleo a like-minded organisation that takes a participatory, community-based, and inclusive approach to designing context-specific, impactful programs. They were working to establish an Early Childhood Development (ECD) call centre in Tanzania and thought the National Child Helpline would be the right platform for their program. BRAC’s team of counselors continues to provide needed professional experience in the areas of Early Childhood Development & Learning and Mental Health to the Helpline.

In that regard, in a week span, we had the opportunity to host BRAC International’s Regional Director for Africa Ms. Rudo Kayombo, Ms. Melisa Yorganciouglu the Program Partnerships Manager from BRAC UK, Ms. Rosa Taylor the Education Program Manager in charge of Fundraising, Advocacy, and Communication from BRAC USA and last but not least Ms. Faria Tasnim the Education Senior Program Associate from BRAC USA.

Our guests were able to sit down with Ms. Thelma Dhaje, the Child Helpline Manager (Mainland) who briefed each of them on the work that C-Sema does, its projects, and the initiatives we’ve taken to ensure that the Helpline continues to excel at providing adequate services to the children and young people in need. They got a chance to take a look at the Call centre where Ms. Dhaje explained in detail the day-to-day operations of the Helpline.

The discussions and conversations in regard to the presiding partnership were very insightful. They raised valid points on fundraising and which areas to strengthen while we work together toward a common goal. Ms. Rudo Kayombo was specifically impressed with the quality of service being rendered at the Helpline as well as the child safeguarding measures that we’ve put in place. She hopes to see the partnership continue to grow in the years to come.

Visits like these build and nurture good relations between partners, which is a key foundation for success. For all who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, and ours is to link children and young people in Tanzania to services that aid in their development and alleviate concerns about their welfare whilst simultaneously protecting and promoting their rights.