Our Team

Our team consists of a Supervisory Board of Directors (responsible for overseeing C-Sema’s governance framework with appropriate accountability and control systems in place) and the Management in charge of daily running of the organisation.

Supervisory Board of Directors

i. Board Chairperson

Ambassador Nyasugara P. Kadege (Retired Ambassador, worked as Tanzania ambassador in different countries in Europe and Africa).

ii. Finance & Planning

Richard Raynerius Manamba (certified public accountant, with far-reaching experience in finance systems management and currently working with KPMG as financial analyst in a World Bank funded project. He’s also a consultant and Principal Business Advisor for Tanzania Capital Market Authority and serves the Tanzania Tax Appeal Board as Jurist).

iii. Gender, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ishika Mshaghuley Mcharo (Principal Researcher, Ministry of Food and Agriculture Development).

iv. Social Entrepreneurship – Income Generating Activities

Saida Segesela (Entrepreneur).