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Jane Haule, Project Officer, Msalala Shinyanga

Last updated 4 years ago

Jane Haule, Project Officer, Msalala Shinyanga

Jane is a social worker with over 6 years of experience. She spent the first four years at the helpline as a supevisor and now she serves as a project office in Msalala.

As a supevisor, monitorered day-to-day call centre activities and programmes, report writing and helpline data collection. She is experienced in school outreach activities, parenting and behavior capacity building, facilitation of sexual and reproductive health for youth, and event coordination. She was among the first people trained with the current National Child Helpline Training Manual on Ending Violence Against Children Via Child Helpline. Jane holds a Bachelor in Social Work.

Jane is a field project officer incharge of community and young people engagement at our satelite office in Msalala district in Sinyanga region.